Couples Yoga

Yoga helps connect you to your body, calm your mind and can make you feel renewed. So how about sharing that with someone your close to.

Couples yoga can be for married couples, friends or family, anyone who is special to you.

Through a couple yoga session we will move through an individual yoga practise to begin, then integrating partner poses as much as you both want. Our focus can be building a new connection, having fun together, creating more support and connection or simply giving you space as two individuals to come together in a holistic space.

Yoga can be all levels from beginners to the more experienced, we can also offer chair yoga or yoga for the less abled body, this is about you!

Prices will vary depending on how many session you would like and any special consideration for the practise.

Special Occasion - £55

For valentines we are offering a couples yoga session with some added extras!

Come and enjoy a 90 minute candlelit session of yoga and relaxation, you will move through a gentle practise focusing on opening the heart and connecting with each other. You will then finish with a guided relaxation, drinks and chocolates.

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