Yoga For Teens Preparing for Exams

Starting 24th April
In the lead up to and during exams, the pressures and stresses on teenagers can be difficult to navigate.
Yoga is a safe and simple practice that has been shown to enhance the well-being of young people. As well as the physical benefits of increasing flexibility and strength, yoga can provide us with the tools to self-regulate, build self confidence, increase emotional resilience and  improve both our physical and mental well-being.
During this 10 week course, you will firstly enjoy the benefits of taking time out to focus on your well-being, allowing your mind and body and well needed break from whirring away! We will discover breathing techniques that can help calm us down and reduce feelings of anxiety, we will build our sense of self-worth and practice self-compassion. We will practice balancing poses that help improve our focus, try our partner yoga to laugh and deepen our connections and learn postures that empower us through our outer and inner strength.
All sessions will include a short mindful mediation and end with a deep relaxation.
We look forward to helping you stay calm, positive and healthy during your exam period!
See you on the mat!
5pm - 6pm
Orange Bloom Yoga Studio
£7.50 per class or £60 for 10 classes

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