Women’s Circle – ‘Wild Woman Moon Lodge’

Women across the world have been gathering in circle for many thousands of years to honour all that women are. Now, more than ever before, women with multiple roles and demands on time and energy need the rich opportunity of connecting with other women in sacred community.

We gather to share stories and experiences; to witness our personal needs and connect to our inner guidance; to be heard; to support and encourage each other; to laugh, cry, rest, and simply ‘be’. Every aspect of you is welcome; come just as you are.

We circle at new moon, because this is a potent time for setting intentions and a time when women naturally become introspective, connected to intuition and in much need of rest.

The particular mission of ‘Wild Woman Moon lodge’ is to empower you to awaken your most authentic, undomesticated nature, so you may feel like yourself, all the time, no apologies.

What to expect:

Circling together is a dynamic process. Each circle has a different theme, rhythm and tone, based on the moon’s current activity and the energy of the season, within which we have regular activities such as drinking herbal tea, sharing circle, oracle cards, visualisation, yoga nidra meditation, intention-setting and creation ritual (e.g. crafting, movement, Weleda massage).

Please see Workshops & Events for the theme of each month’s circle.

Wear something comfortable for sitting and moving. Bring a journal and pen. Bolsters, blankets, materials and refreshments will be provided. Please do bring a favourite pillow or blanket if that makes you feel comfortable.


£10 or £25 for all three circles (this includes a contribution towards refreshments, materials and venue hire).

Dates for 2019:

3rd February

3rd March

7th April

5th May

2nd June

7th July

4th August

1st September

29th September

7th October

1st December


Katherine Rushton

07402 888160

Email: wellspringinthewilderness@outlook.com

Web: https://www.facebook.com/groups/972689366074616/?ref=br_rs

10am-12pm, Sunday closest to the full moon
Orange Bloom Studio, Hazel Grove

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