Welcome to Your Yoga a Beginners class

Next Course starts 9th September

If you have ever been curious about yoga, or wanted to take your practise deeper then this is for you. This 6 week course is designed for complete beginners and those wanting to revisit the fundamentals of yoga.

Each class will be 90 minutes covering yoga poses, breathing, meditation and the basis on what yoga is rooted in. Each week we will explore the our body, mind and spirit.

All bodies welcome and arrangements can be made for those who feel more comfortable in a chair or standing rather than being down on the floor.

Week One – What IS yoga, how we move, the basics of sun salutations

Week Two – The world of yoga, exploring your body, breathing

Week Three – How to make yoga your own, listening to the body, pranayama

Week Four – Your yoga, finding the edge, using meditation

Week Six – Bringing it all together, flowing through sun salutations

Each week you will leave with a handout and new knowledge to progress your home practise. Every session will include physical yoga as well as a short discussion, breathing, meditation and a relaxation.

All equipment is provided so just bring yourself in comfy clothes.

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