Hypnobirthing Birth Preparation

6pm - 8pm
£90 for course

Tuesday Nights

Antenatal classes provide a safe space for you to explore changes to your body and empower yourselves with knowledge and confidence, while reflecting in an informed manner on the change that awaits you.

Birth preparation classes that empower you with the information you need to make the right decisions for you and your family. Created by a qualified Hypnobirthing practitioner and training developer, the evidence-based information is given to you in an informal learning environment designed to promote a calm, relaxed state-of-mind.

The 6 week course covers:

  • what your place of birth options are
  • what happens to your body during birth
  • pain relief options available to you at home and in hospital
  • interventions that might be offered to you from sweeps to sections and everything in between
  • positions that may help you birth your baby
  • what happens when the placenta is delivered
  • breastfeeding and normal feeding behaviour.

To book contact Meg Hill or go to https://stockportbirthservices.com/shop/