A time to change with the seasons…and dont stress!

Its been quite a while since I blogged, or wrote anything other than my scribbled diary to be honest. I always find that summer goes by in a flash and before you know it you are in November and heading into a brand new year!

So whats been happening? Well my little yoga class in Poynton is bumbling along nicely. I am very lucky to have some lovely souls who come to my class each week. I also teach on Thursday nights and again am very privileged to have some great students. The responsibility of being a yoga teacher never escapes me and I am honoured that people enjoy the way I teach.

The Autumn has come and has brought with it change. I love this time of year, its full of promise and possibilities, even more so than the new year. As the trees shed their leaves so too can we shed everything that doesn’t serve us and make choices to change for the better. I have recently made some big changes, of which I will speak more about in the coming weeks. Change is always scary but never wrong, even if the change isn’t all you hoped it would be you have risked and you have learnt. I am sure I will be learning many new things over the next few months and I embrace it.

In times of change and in particular at this time of year it is easy for stress to start creeping in. You have Christmas just around the corner, the nights are darker, motivation is low, it can be brutal. I am guilty of wanting to curl up under the duvet and stay there till May! However I am finding simply creeping out of bed on to my nice warm yoga mat (always set the heating to come on before you get up!) for even 10 minutes of yoga is paying off in bundles.

I am in a new routine of yoga for 40 minutes each morning. Yes this involves getting up at 6am in the dark, and yes this also requires me to be super organised with breakfast, clothes, getting ready for work etc. but I promise you its worth it!

So what am I saying? Lets embrace this time of year, embrace change and remember to get motivated and organised, no one is going to do it for you!