Blog A little bit of peace.

In this thriving city it’s often hard to take a breath and just be here. You are always moving, always thinking of your next action, always active never just still.
Walking through the streets I often take short cuts through the back allies, away from the hordes of shoppers and tourists. Sometimes you can be lucky enough to go down a street you haven’t cut through before and suddenly there is stillness. An eye to the city storm, this inner peace is fragile and before you know it, it can be gone. In these moments I slow my walk and just breathe it in (if the air isn’t pungent). This little piece of calm in your day can bring you back to where you are, you feel the sun, the air, hear the distant hum of activity, then before you know it you emerge back on to a busy street and the stillness is broken.

Hitting the noise and buzz again is like a hot gust of air in your face, you feel awake and alive. You embrace the madness and keep the little bit of peace inside you for the rest of the day.