Blog A dark day for us all

So today the world got a little darker today; a hateful, racist, sexist, white privileged male got voted in to one of the most influential positions in the world, by a land slide. In these times of doom and gloom it really is hard to see how light can triumph.

Mr Trump as far as I can see is full of rage and distrust, there is a small part of me that feels for him. No really! Hear me out! When I look at him I find it hard to imagine being so weighed down by such hate. I know from my own experience that holding on to hate only exhausts you. I spent a great deal of my 20s being very very angry, in the end all it did was lose me friends, lose me love and make me feel extremely lonely even when surrounded by people. The thing was I started to attract people who were filled with the same anger, whilst also pushing away those who could really show me love and compassion. Luckily for me I had good friends and family who didn’t let me go, I began to self-reflect (a big reason being I found yoga) and most importantly I started to take responsibility for my own happiness.  Happily today I can say that yes I have my moods but overall I am a happy, positive and loving person.

Imagine being so scared and hateful towards people that you want to build a wall around your country. Is that not the saddest thing you have ever heard? You literally do not want to let the world in, come on we’ve all been there! The scary thing is however he seems intent on holding on to his hate, he doesn’t even seem remotely aware of how his rage hurts this world. These are the dangerous people, the ones that are so far away from self-realisation that they believe their own hype, he genuinely believes the awful things he says, any compassion I could have for him is sadly lost.

I choose however not to hate him, I choose to believe in a better future, that hate won’t win and all his karma will come back to him sooner or later. I chose to feel love towards humanity and believe that we can be better, we can do better, and perhaps this is just one of the trials we must face as a world before enlightenment on a grand scare. In yoga we teach that everything is connected, we are not a singular but part of everything, and everything is a part of us. Trump is a part of this world, a part that is dark yes but we all hold the responsibility to not let the dark win, if we face it with dignity, love, hope and faith we can make us all better.