Teachers Tara Winston-Jones

Yoga has held a special place in my heart since my toes first touched the mat over 10 years ago. My practice has been with me through thick and thin and it has always benefited me greatly, both mentally and physically.

After having my son and after much deliberation, I took the plunge and enrolled on my first 200 hour Hatha vinyasa teacher training and made the switch from a legal career to something which holds much greater meaning to me. Guiding people through a practice designed to strengthen and balance mind, body and soul, watching a person’s journey back to themselves and the joy that brings is priceless.

I’m continually updating my knowledge through attending extra courses when I can and through self-research. Even though I’m a teacher, I’ll always continue to be a student, refining my personal practice and teachings in order to pass this knowledge onto others and in the process I get to spend more time doing what I love.

My classes often include an element of grounding and visualisation during pranayama to calm the mind and turn focus within, so we can start to slow down and create that internal space that we all benefit from in this fast-paced world. I’m passionate about designing imaginative flows which are mentally and physically challenging to maintain focus, yet adaptable and accessible through the use of options. You’ll find plenty of yogic philosophy, chakras, elements, buddhist philosophy and neurology woven into your time on the mat with me to help deepen your practice, should you so wish.

So whether it’s the first time your toes touch the mat or you’re a more seasoned yogi, my classes are for you. Every-body welcome.