Teachers Meg Hill

I’ve been working with pregnant families since 2016 and teach group antenatal classes as well as bespoke programmes, pregnancy and postnatal and one-off wellness sessions.  I’m passionate about helping families gain confidence in their abilities through education, support and a little bit of TLC

I’ve been running classes from the studio for years now and wouldn’t change for the world! As a hypnobirthing practitioner it’s vital for the people I teach to be able to be calm and relaxed, and the studio really helps people achieve that with it’s low-adrenaline atmosphere.
My group antenatal courses at Orange Bloom are a unique programme aimed at empowering women with information and confidence to make the right decisions for them throughout pregnancy and childbirth. We also spend time making sure that birth partners have all the tools they need to be able to support the woman in labour too, because childbirth is all about teamwork!
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