Teachers Lucy Connor

I first came to practise yoga in 2016 through the Iyengar method, later discovering Ashtanga. These days, whilst I still maintain a regular Ashtanga practise, I’m less interested in declaring myself for a specific type, instead loving to draw on the unique teachings of several schools of yoga to better expand my knowledge and practice.

I am a fully qualified, working doctor, and over the years my medical training and clinical experience has provided me with an intimate understanding of the workings of the human body in both health and disease. It is yoga’s capacity to heal both the body and mind that first drew me to it, and I have seen first-hand just how powerful this healing and transformation can be. 

I am a passionate advocate for rest and the way in which it facilitates the body’s natural capacity for repair and restoration, making my restorative yoga offerings amongst my favourites. I am committed to making sure my classes remain accessible and inclusive for all, honouring each of us as individuals. In sharing my practise and teaching, it is my mission to continue this work to help and heal wherever possible, helping you build your own embodied yoga practise both on and off the mat.