Teachers Lucy Connor

Supportive, Nurturing And Empowering Yoga For Real Bodies.

I first came to practise yoga in 2016 through the Iyengar method, later discovering Ashtanga. These days, I’m less interested in declaring myself for a specific type, instead loving to draw on the unique teachings of several schools of yoga to better expand my knowledge and practice.

I am a fully qualified, working doctor, and aspiring yoga therapist. Over the years my medical training and clinical experience has provided me with an intimate understanding of the workings of the human body in both health and disease. It is yoga’s capacity to heal both the body and mind that first drew me to it, and I have seen first-hand just how powerful this healing and transformation can be. 

It is my passion to support whole-being wellness and healing through authentic yoga practices, particularly for those of us living with health challenges, chronic conditions or limited mobility. I offer supportive, nurturing and empowering practices for real bodies and specialise in gentle, restorative and restful yoga practices. My medical knowledge and clinical experience allow me to approach my students from a truly holistic perspective, honouring their individual needs to deliver practices that nourish both body and mind.